Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Each day during registration week we will have a different craft for you to do.  Pick the ONE day you want to "create," and enjoy doing an art-y project that we will hang in our art gallery in the library.

Come in any time between 10 AM and 4 PM on Friday, the 25th, and create a work of art much like Van Gogh!  Only we'll be using shaving cream and liquid watercolor to create a print masterpiece in the style of the master. 

If you register on Tuesday, May 29, you can create space monsters and aliens using a spin- art machine and plastic straws.  Googly eyes add to the alien-ish look.

Wednesday will be spent working on "Orbitz," crazy designs made by swinging a paint-filled cup around above a piece of paper.  The pattern created looks like the orbital path of a planet.

Thursday is called "POP in and Register."  There won't be any craft projects but a couple of spacey games you can try your hand at and you can leave with a bag of popcorn.

Friday is designated "Haunted Paper Projects" Day. There will be a number of pre-printed shapes and objects that you can cut out, glue together, and create spooky looking houses, masks, skull flippers and other things.

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