Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Twilight at the Tombstones Middle School Event

Pick  one Day to Register & Create (see info)
Middle School students are encouraged to come to any and all programs during the summer.  If you would enjoy being a volunteer and helping with programs, sign up as a volunteer.  See the Middle School Summer Reading Points Cool Ghouls and Monsters Pizza Party information on another blog page about how to earn points to come to a ghoulishly cool party July 20.

June  4 ,  8 –10 PM  Central City Cemetery
TWILIGHT AT THE TOMBSTONES for kids grades 5-8 the 2011-2012 school year:

Okay, so you’ve read the Twilight Series and seen the movie, now see if you’re brave enough to meet under a full moon at the cemetery and listen to some true scary  stories  and  do  some  tombstone  rubbings.      Representatives   from   the Merrick County Historical Society will be on  hand  to  tell  some stories about real people and strange situations right here in this area.  Hopefully Bill Bolte will be there with his divining stick and show you how he can find unmarked graves.......Then you can learn how to do tombstone rubbings and create interesting graphics. Be sure to sign up ahead of time so we know how much in the way of supplies  and rides we  will need.  We will need a few parents to volunteer to drive.

By the way, the library program at 10 AM the next day is all about constellations and stars, and if the weather is nice we will be doing some star gazing  at the senior high using the school’s BIG telescopes and space binoculars.
Magical Paradise Exotic Farm’s “Animals of the Night” program on June 26 at 10 AM.
Lone Tree Days library festivities on June 30 at North Park.
Come and hear about Evelyn Sharp, teen aviatrix hero of WW II on July 3 at 10 AM and local airport tour.
Jeff Quinn professional magician, pull his rabbits out of a hat and amaze you on July 17 at 10 AM.
Pool Party for all who participated July 17, 8-9 PM

There  are state fair tickets also available for all kids who read at least 10 books (this may be adjusted for bigger books like Harry Potter, etc.)
Stop in @ the library, pick up a blue flyer of ALL the events @ the library this summer, and register for what you are interested in. 

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