Monday, June 4, 2012

Sugar Glider Fun with the 4-5 Year Old Story Corner

June 4 the library hosted the first of the summer's Story Corner sessions for 4-5 y ear-olds with a special guest, Mogley the Sugar Glider, his owner Alyx Gragg and friends Abbie Hillmer and Ashton Gragg.  Over 20 children attended and listened attentively to the story Kimi Sue by Tracy White.  Alyx gave a brief overview of sugar gliders, who are marsupials like kangaroos, their native habitats of Austalia and Indonesia, their diet preferences for fruits and vegetables and especially mealworms!  The children got to watch Mogley glide from one person to another and see the span of skin between the front and back legs.  After the story session, the children really liked getting "up close and personal" with Mogley, who seemed to enjoy the attention from everyone.  Look out, parents--you may have a bunch of requests for sugar gliders for birthdays and Christmas!

The preschool literacy concept for this week is "Getting the Most Out of Picture Books," and a parent handout was available. New this year was the "Mom Break" where moms could grab a cup of iced or hot tea and a cookie, sit and visit or read.

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