Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18 - Eco-Bots and Water Science!

Kids ages 7-12 learned about robots and worked in teams to create a mini-robot that was designed to clean up an oil spill.  This ECO-BOT 4-H project can be finalized and entered in the  county fair as a 4-H project.  Contact the County Extension office for details. Extension.  Educator Tammy Stuhr lead the group in creating their robots.

The younger group learned about water.  They learned about things that sink or float,  what things absorb water, and what things dissolve in water.  We talked about the water cycle and how water is important in our lives. After talking about different swimming strokes, we did them to the song "I Like to Swim."  We also read the book Tuck Learns to Swim.  After we did the indoor activities, we went outside to do some "fishing" with magnetic fish, tried to make some gigantic bubbles, and played "Oil, Oil, Water,"  (a variation of Duck, Duck, Goose.")


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