Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wind Energy and Weather--July 16, 2014 SRP

The 4-5 Year-Olds learned all about weather.  First Mrs. Strecker read the story Little Cloud by Eric Carle, and the children held up the various shapes of the clouds in the story.  Then they heard another story about the rain.
We tried to see if we could make a tornado in a jar by adding dish detergent to water and shaking it and swirling it around.

We also made a tornado happen when we shook two bottles that were taped together and full of water.  It made a really neat tornado and we had to do it again and again!

What kinds of shapes  can we make on our clouds.  It was lots of fun pulling and shaping the cotton balls into animals and bugs and all kinds of things!

The 6 and older kids concentrated on wind energy.  Tammy Stuhr, Education Director for the Merrick County Extension Office, shows kids different aspects of the power of wind.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sara Musil and Colby Schneider Winners in Crane Drawings

As part of our Celebrate the Crane Festivities the week of June30-July 5, children who participated in any of Jeff Kurrus's workshops during the day were eligible for prizes.  Sara Musil won an autographed book by Jeff  Kurrus called Have You Seen Mary?  and Colby Schneider won Sandy, the Sandhill Crane.

Pint-Size Polka Program July 9, 2014

Mike Schneider of Pint-Size Polkas gave the program this week and featured lots of toe-tapping music for both young and old alike.  Mike hails from Wisconsin and has won many awards and commendations for his music. After the program, children could make several different polka-dot inspired crafts like an accordion-fold autograph album which they had to fill with signatures of different kids and adults in the library; Polka-dot Robots; Dot initials; and Circle Designs.  There was also a child-size accordion for them to play.