Tuesday, January 6, 2015

P is for Penguins at Preschool Story Hour January 6, 2015

Penguins stole the day today for story time.  We watched a penguin video about animals at the zoo.  It explained a little about penguins, that they were flightless birds, that they had wings, feathers, beaks, and webbed feet, and they they made funny noises!  We also watched a video of  funny penguin clips, showing real penguins in funny situations.  The book Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester was the centerpiece of our story time and some of the children acted the various parts.  We had very "nice" penguins:  Goodly, Lovely, Neatly, Angel, and Perfect......and then there was Tacky.  Tacky was an odd bird!  But he saved the say for penguins when the hunters came to capture and sell the penguins.  It is a fun story and only one of several Tacky stories we have at the library.  The children also used a cotton ball to make the snow on their penguin coloring page.