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There are several ways that you can read great books without having to come into the library.  This post will discuss 3 different ways to access good reading:
Open Library
Tumbleweed Books
Nebraska Overdrive

Open Library

Open Library is a collaboration with several libraries around the country to provide an online lending library.  You can borrow five books at a time for two weeks.  You can access these books at home and download them to your home computer. 
When you go to https://openlibrary.org, you will be directed to sign up.  Fill out the information and submit it, and  Open Library will reply immediately to your email.  Sign in from your email, and indicate in the box on the upper right that you want ebooks. 

There are lots of different lists of books on various subjects.
   I went to the search box at the upper right and typed in Pirates. There are over 60 books for children in their pirates list.  You can just  click on the green book that says “borrow” (if it isn’t already checked out) and it downloads to your browser.
I chose Eve Bunting’s Little Badger, Terror of the Seven Seas. A page comes up with a lot of information about that book:  age level of readers, pages, publishing information, etc.  At the top of that page on the right, or bottom of the page if there are multiple additions, is a tab that says Borrow Ebook.  On the next page to come up, click on the Read in Browser.  It will bring up the book on your computer.  In the bottom right-hand corner, you can select if you want to view one page or two pages at a time.  (I like two pages for children’s books because the illustrations are often continued on both pages.)  You advance the pages by clicking on the arrow in the lower right-hand corner.  The color and quality of the picture is generally pretty good.
When you have finished and want to return the book, go to the first page, and there will be a box in the upper left-hand corner that says Return Book.  When you click on that, you will return that book and you can choose another, up to five books at a time.  You can keep re-reading them as long as you don’t click the Return Book box.  At the end of two weeks, the books will automatically be removed from your account.  You can always have 5 books checked out.

You can also use this on a phone or tablet, like an ipad or kindle.  Keep in mind, though, that if you’re not on a wi-fi connection, this will use your data.

Open Library



The Central City Public Library received a grant about 2 years ago from Dollar General for a 3-year subscription to a service called TumbleBooks.  It is an online book site that you can access through our library which allows children and teens to read from their computers.  There are also books that have read-along capabilities, games, quizzes, and many other things.  We have over a year left on the subscription and encourage families to take advantage of this great program.
                                    HOW DO I FIND IT???
We have made it easy for patrons to use TumbleBooks in your homes.   Your account number (Library Card ID) is your patron number, a 14-digit number that shows up on your checkout receipts.  Your checkout name is your patron name. 

To access the site, go to the Central City Public Library’s website:  http://libraries.ne.gov/centralcity/  and scroll down, You will see an icon that says Tumble Books Library on the right side.  Click on it, and you will see a page and box that says:
                                Please enter your library card ID:

              In that box you will put your patron number.

This page pops up:
You can click on any of the story categories to see what they have.  You can browse the
New Books, Story Books, Graphic Novels, E Books, Read-Alongs, l
Language Learning, Non-Fiction, Math Stories, National Geographic Videos, and Puzzles and Games.

About the TumbleBook Library Index
The TumbleBookLibrary Index is a complete list of titles in the collection.  You can go right to the title you want by clicking on the title.  The index displays the Title, Author, Type, and Accelerated Reader Level.  Use the “sort by” drop down in the top right hand corner to sort by these fields.  The icons on the left hand side show the title has an audio component (the red Audio icon) or supplementary materials like quizzes or lesson plans (the blue supplementary Content icon). If you click on any story, you will see information about it, the quizzes, book reports and other things, along with a short synopsis of the story.

My Play List
You can build a play list of TumbleBooks which you can play one after another.

Common Core Portal
Charts give you the common core information

My Cloud
This allows you to create a secondary login so you can retrieve your favorites from any computer in the world.  It allows multiple users to create multiple favorite lists on the same computer.

How Parents Use TumbleBooks
*Read-togethers—Parent & Child
*Story books that have the audible words can entertain small children.
*Instead of computer “games” assign 15 minutes a day of Tumble Time, when children choose what they want to read.
*Encourage reluctant readers to use it. It is a different venue than a “book” held in the hand, more computer-game oriented.

*Emerging readers learn how to read “fluently” by reading along with the audio version.

REMEMBER:  You cannot download these books; they are read right at the site. Please let us know how you use TumbleBooks.

This is a great way to access more books using your CCPL library patron number.  You can download up to 6 books for 21 days free.  There are thousands of books in many different genres from children's to Christian to mystery to history and many things in between!\
Instructions will differ based on the kind of  device you own.    Stop at the library and pick up a brochure on the overdrive libraries.  The website is:      nebraska.lib.overdrive.com

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