Friday, December 16, 2016

December/January Challenge Sheet
Make an X by the ones you do.  Do at least 5 activities.  Bring back in January.
____Read a  Christmas Book     Title________________________________
   ____Read a Christmas Book  Title __________________________________ 
____Read a Christmas Book  Title_________________________________
____Read a book about a winter sport like skiing.
Title ___________________
_____Make some Christmas cookies or candy.  What did you make?
_____Do something nice for a neighbor for Christmas.  You could shovel
         a walk, bake them some cookies, leave a Christmas card in their door,
     or something else.  What did you do and how did it make you feel?
        ________________________________________________________         _____________________________________________________                                  
_____Play some games with your family while sitting around the Christmas
          tree, or have someone read a Christmas story.

_____Make a family “Road Trip” and have a parent drive you around to
           see all the beautiful lights.  Brian Jefferson’s and the Tim Williams’
            farms, out in the country, and the Disney display at the Gilson’s
great places to see.  There are also other neat places.
____Solve the Santa’s Reindeer Word Search on the back of this sheet.
 Bring this sheet with you when you come to the January 23 program.

Directions to some cool lighting displays:
Linda Gilson Home
1015 20th St.
Central City NE
The family started making Disney figures many years ago and have added to the display each year.  Just turn east on HWY 30 and 20th Street and go a few blocks.  The yard is on the north side of the street.
Tim Williams Farm
1139 M Rd
Central City NE
Go west on HWY 30 to the Fairgrounds Road, go across the tracks, and take a quick left turn west.  Continue on for several miles.  Williams’ Farm is on the right side of the road.
Brian and John Jefferson Farms
2177 14th Rd
Central City NE 68826
Go north on HWAY 14 to the Ormsby Road, also called 13th Street and turn left.  Go west to 14th Road and turn right (north).  The Jefferson farm is on the right side of the road.  You can drive around the display.

This is the back side of the challenge sheet.